Cleaning TV screen – common mistakes

Cleaning TV screen – common mistakes

Cleaning TV screen seems to be simple but many people make the mistake, instead of getting a cleaner tv screen, you could have reduced the screen life.

Cleaning TV screen can be said simple, everyone can do. However, hygiene must be the right way, otherwise, you may have to replace the new monitor. Here are some mistakes you should avoid when cleaning TV screen.

Use only one chemical for all screens


Cleaning TV screen - common mistakes

When cleaning TV screen than with each type of screen, there will be different detergents

You should know that LCD, Plasma or Led TVs to have the right fit for each type of detergent. If you use chemicals to clean the TV screen, they can reduce the life of your device quickly.

So what do you need to know about the TV screen technology you are using? Refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations for proper cleaning solutions.

Screen cleaning when TV is active

Cleaning TV screen - common mistakes

Remember to turn off the monitor before cleaning TV screen

Many people clean their TVs while TVs work because they want to save time, but this is something you should avoid during the cleaning process. Do not turn off the TV while cleaning will probably damage your parts, even endangering you.

Some plasma TVs are more heat-sensitive than LCDs, so you need to turn off the TV before an hour; otherwise, the “cleaning TV screen” chemical solution will evaporate too quickly before removing the stain.

Misunderstanding of screen cleaning solution

Cleaning TV screen - common mistakes

Cleaning TV screen – The stronger the detergent is not always better

You should not be mistaken that the stronger the detergent, will be cleaning better. No, These types often wear out and deface the screen protector, causing them to quickly break down.

Again, you need to carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions and select the appropriate type of screenwashing liquid to avoid damaging the TV screen!

Spray cleaning water directly onto the screen

Cleaning TV screen - common mistakes

Direct spraying of liquids is harmful to the screen

This is a false thinking that shortens your television life. Actually, if you spray directly the liquid onto the TV screen, the water will spread to the edges, down the glass surface, even flowing inside to damage the parts.

So, when using the solution, it is best to spray a moderate amount in a soft cloth and slowly wipe gently from top to bottom, right over. Then, you continue to use a dedicated dry towel to wipe off the residual solution.

Choose the wrong cleaning tool

Cleaning TV screen - common mistakes

Cleaning TV screen – common mistakes – Do not use paper towels to clean the screen

The subjective view that cleaning the screen with paper napkins, wet paper without damaging the TV is something you should overcome. Cleaning the screen with rough rags, sandpaper or paper, which will scratch your TV screen. Dedicated fabric will be the right choice at this time.

Wipe strong

Cleaning TV screen - common mistakes

Common mistakes – Wipe strong will shorten the life of the screen

If you insist on liquid crystal display during the cleanup, they may break down quickly. The most effective way to clean it is to rub and lightly wipe the screen surface with a damp cloth.

Deal with stubborn stains

Cleaning TV screen - common mistakes

Cleaning TV screen common mistakes – Do not use nails for stubborn stains

When the stiff stiffened hair is not clean, you accidentally use a sharp object or a nail brush on the screen. This may be the wrong “screen” error, which will cause broken TV screen quickly.

Use the wrong vacuum

Cleaning TV screen - common mistakes

Cleaning TV screen  – Do not vacuum too hard or too long at 1 position

Many people use vacuum or air to blow away stubborn dirt on every corner of the television screen. But in fact, you should not use a vacuum cleaner too strong or too long in a position, because it will lead to adverse effects. Dust falls deeper, it is difficult to suck it out.

In addition, to extend the life of your TV, you can refer to Tips for prolonging the life of your TV. Here are a few notes for you when cleaning TV screen at home. I hope it will help you.


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