HD TV vs Full HD TV what is the difference?

What is HD TV vs Full HD TV?

HD TV vs Full HD TV what is the difference? First of all, we need to find out what HD TV vs Full HD TV is.

Today, when it comes to television, we often refer to the term “HD TV“. However, many people often misunderstand that HD televisions are high-definition televisions, but that is not the case. Choosing the right HD TV?

HD TV (High Definition) means high definition television, which is the current standard for home TVs. If you upgrade the monitor with standard definition to HD, it means that you will have a television with the detail and clarity is increased significantly.

HD TV vs Full HD TV screen

HD TV vs Full HD TV screen

Experience quality and visibility on HDTVs will be higher than usual standards such as PAL, SECAM or NTSC popular at the end of 2000 and are now virtually out of production.

Many of us often confuse HDTV with HD TVs. However, if you understand correctly, HDTV is high definition television. It includes HD, Full HD, Ultra HD 4K or even upcoming TVs up to 8K. Of these, the two most popular HDTVs today are HD TVs and Full HD resolutions.

The difference between HD TV vs Full HD TV

The difference between HD TV vs Full HD TV

Compare HD TV vs Full HD TV

With HD TV resolution, there are two types:

Type with 1366 horizontal pixels and 768 vertical pixels (also called HD 1366×768) have 1,049,088 pixels.

The 1280 pixels horizontal and 720 pixels vertical (also known as HD 1280×720) owns 921,600 pixels less common.

With Full HD TV resolution

HD TVs with Full HD resolution on a TV screen will have around 1920 horizontal pixels and 1080 vertical pixels, for twice the clarity of HD resolution.

Full HD screen resolution will be 1920 horizontal pixels and 1080 pixels vertical on a television screen, Full HD will have twice the sharpness of HD.

With 4k TV resolution

Whereas 4K TVs are a popular 4K widescreen TV that is popularly marketed as Ultra HD or Ultra HD 4K, detailing 4x the resolution of Full HD.

4K TV resolution is four times more detailed than full HD resolution, and 4K is currently the highest resolution available on the market, titled Ultra HD or Ultra HD 4K.

Compared to the same screen size, the higher the resolution the better the display.

Choosing the right HD TV?

Today, the image quality on television has improved a lot, manufacturers have created new TV series to meet the needs of each customer. Should stand in front of the product matrix also make customers more confused and confused when choosing to buy TV.

Most TV channels play content of SD quality (720×576 – nearly half the HD resolution) and some other HD channels so If your needs are moderate and want to save more money, should choose HD TV. Small screen TV with HD resolution will be a perfect choice.

However, if your home has more Internet TV / Smart TV needs to watch YouTube or watch videos from other applications, or high definition movies or large screen TVs, consider that choice for higher resolutions.

Choose HD TV - Choose according to your entertainment needs

Choose according to your entertainment needs

For large screen devices such as televisions, HD resolution may still not meet the demand for entertainment. Watch movies of better quality, then select a TV with Full HD resolution.

TVs range in size from 32 to 50 inches and two times the sharpness of HD resolution, Full HD will reduce the number of holes and squares on the widescreen display, thus providing a smoother display.

If you want to own a TV with a vibrant screen to enjoy movies with the same quality as cinema screening, the TV with 4K resolution is a great choice.

4K TVs will be suitable for TVs with large screens of 40 – 50 or more, have the ability to display beautiful and true images to every detail. For users to enjoy the quality as seen directly with the naked eye, immersed in the world of entertainment more attractive.

4k UPSCALER vs Full HD

4k UPSCALE vs Full HD

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