Plasma TV vs LED Comparison

Plasma TV vs LED viewing angle

Plasma TV vs LED viewing angle

In this article, I will introduce you to some of the basic features of Plasma TV and compare Plasma TV vs LED TV. Before comparing Plasma TV to any type of LED or LCD TV (Plasma TV vs LED, Plasma TV vs LCD), let’s find out what plasma tv is.

What is Plasma TV?

Plasma TV vs LED Comparison

Plasma TV vs LED Comparison

Plasma TV operates by transmitting electricity through a plasma cell containing a mixture of inert gasses (usually neon and xenon), which stimulates them to emit ultraviolet light that is not visible to the naked eye. When the ultraviolet light goes through the phosphorus coating, phosphorus glows Red, Green or Blue, creating a pixel on the screen.

Plasma TV is popular TVs, just behind LED TVs, which have the advantage of displaying deep black bands. however, are often thick and hot.

Advantages of Plasma TV & Disadvantages

  • Bright colors: Deep black, richer color images than LED & LCD TVs
  • Wide Viewing Angle: Plasma TV will be able to deliver wide viewing angles with unmatched picture quality, color, and contrast.
  • Cheaper than LED TV with the same screen size

  • Electricity, easy to heat
  • Space-saving design, heavier than the same size
  • Shaded phenomenon on the screen: When the user displays a still image for 30 minutes, the image will remain in the dim mode for a few days or even months.
  • Plasma for poor image quality in a room full of light

Also because of these disadvantages that Plasma TV loses in comparison with the next generation (LED and OLED) TVs, some big companies like Samsung, Panasonic, and recently LG has decided to stop completely business plasma TV.

Compare Plasma TV vs LED

LCD TVs and Plasma TV dominate the market over the years, but LEDs now dominate the market (98% of the market is LED TVs).

Why Plasma less popular?

Plasma TV is characterized by rich color rendering, deep black color, better than LED TVs in terms of image display.

Plasma TV also has a high scanning frequency (what is the scan frequency on TV?), Meaning that if you watch action movies, watch football or play plasma TV games, the image will always be clear, not blurry. Every time there is movement.

Plasma TV vs LED Comparison

Plasma TV vs LED Comparison

Plasma TV vs LED – Black and brightness on a plasma TV is perfect compared to a LED TV[/caption]

Plasma, however, has limitations when compared to LED TVs, as the nature of the technology makes it consume more power than LCD TVs and LED TVs, and it is easy to heat when you watch TV for a while long.

At the same time, Plasma TV is quite thick when compared to LED TVs, when placed indoors it is not luxurious and needs more space.

Plasma TV vs LED Comparison

Plasma TV vs LED Comparison


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