Samsung QLED TV 2017 has something new

Samsung QLED TV 2017 has something new

Samsung QLED TV 2017 lineup is once again leading the way this year is excellent in image quality.

Samsung SUHD TV has come a long way in revolutionizing the visual experience, providing unprecedented brightness, contrast and contrast (HDR) using the Quantum dot technology.

By using the new Quantum dot material, Samsung QLED TV delivers outstanding color gradation, accurate color definition, brightness and black depth improvements on a projection screen, these attributes create quality. Pictures never saw before.

The relationship between light and color

The color is determined by light. Rain is an example, usually nothing but drops of water falling from the sky, but with just the right amount of light and correct lighting, you will have a beautiful rainbow. Television too, optimizing the use of light is also one of the ways to create true colors.

Light conditions can also affect the intensity and color of life, the beauty of a building as well, it will vary at times of the day and seasons of the year. This is essentially the idea behind the notion of color and a gauge to gauge how colors represent the real world when different levels of light are reflected on an object.

The color is an important element of the presentation, as it is improved. The TV can project a wider range of colors with greater clarity. But to reproduce colors effectively, people have to use a lot of light. This is a weakness of the current imaging technology of the TVs in the market, as the brightness increases, the colors are dazzling and the resulting colors are not real.

QLED TV: breakthrough in image experience

To overcome this disadvantage, Samsung incorporates new Quantum dot material into the QLED screen. This material allows for improved efficiency in screen illumination.

Brightness is increased to 1,500-2,000 nits, more light is pushed through the quantum dots, so color is improved. Increasing brightness helps increase the brightness of the image without changing the color of the image. Therefore, bright red is still scarlet instead of fading to pink, turquoise still turquoise. And this helps to maximize the vivid colors that HDR brings.

Offering the best color quality on the market today, QLED meets 100% of the color standard when measured with DCI – an RGB color scale – without sacrificing screen brightness.

Samsung QLED TV 2017 has something new
Samsung QLED TV (right) for perfect color and contrast even in bright environments.


Samsung QLED TV 2017 has something new

… and even in a dark environment.

In addition to the precise identification of quantum dots in new technology, the new panel design also reduces light reflection – factors that can affect brightness. Therefore, the QLED TV gives sharp images to every detail despite the brightness of the external environment. Best of all, QLED TVs provide excellent images and colors at all angles.

Samsung QLED TV 2017 has something new
Samsung QLED TV provides consistent color and image quality from virtually every perspective.

The effect of color and brightness is preserved in every setting, this is one of the points that conventional TVs do not. So every sitting position is a “golden spot” for you.

Samsung QLED TV represents the superiority of imaging technology – enhanced color quality, perfect contrast and accurate viewing angles. And the result is the ultimate visual experience in every way. The launch of Samsung QLED TV marks the beginning of a new era of television image performance.

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