What is LED TV ?

What is LED TV?

LED TV is not a new TV technology, LED TVs are more formally known as LED-backlight LCD television. LED TVs are just LCD TVs using LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes LEDs) to reflect images instead of fluorescent lights.
What is LED TV?

The structure of the LED screen on the TV

Compared to LCD TVs, LED TVs to use 30% less electricity, 40% better brightness, better contrast ratio, wider color and better heat dissipation, with a life expectancy of 60-80 thousand hours, read more How does LCD and LED TV works?

Today, according to GFK data, LED TVs are the most popular, accounting for nearly 98% of TVs in the market as of June 2014 (a very small fraction of TVs, LCD TVs, and OLED TVs).

What is LED TV ?

Sony X9000B LED TV – One of the most advanced Sony LED TVs

Based on the backlight system layout, LED TVs to come in two varieties

  • LED backlight (LED backlight)
  • LED Edging (LED Edgelit)
What is LED TV ?

What is LED TV?

LED backlight

The LED backlight has a dim area that uses LED backlight to automatically turn off and open in different areas.

For example, on the same frame, the LED backlight in the bright areas remains normal, but in the dark, the LED backlight automatically turns off or off to produce the best possible blackness. It can even be compared to Plasma TV’s ability to display contrast and black depth.

However, with the downside of the cost is quite expensive and style is not luxurious, LED TV background is no longer produced.

LED Edge-lit TVs

In contrast, LED Edge-lit TVs are the most popular TVs today with LEDs running along either side of the screen shot towards the center of the TV. They were cheaper than LED backlight.

What is LED TV ?

LED backlight vs LED Edge-lit TVs

Some LED TVs are typical

LED TVs to account for 98% of the current market, with 32-inch LED TVs and 40-inch to 50-inch LED TVs. However, LED TV prices are getting cheaper and users tend to switch to 50-inch screens or larger.

They are manufactured by most major brands such as Sony, Samsung, Sharp, TCL … with a very wide price range, versatile to meet most of user needs. Currently, from $100 you can own a brand Toshiba LED TV Toshiba – Toshiba 24P2300.

LED TVs also include features such as Smart TVs, 3D views or curved TVs.

What is LED TV ?

65 inch LED TV Samsung UA65HU9000 – Smart TV can watch 3D curved screen.

Which LED TV vs Plasma TV are Better?

Basically, Plasma TV has a richer display technology, better black color, consumes more power than LED TVs and can cause ghosting effects on the screen if using too long, read more: Plasma TV vs LED Comparison.

Which LED TV vs OLED TV are better?

OLED displays save energy, while thinner, lighter LCD TV and Plasma TV. On the other hand, each pixel can light up or not display, rendering the display perfectly black and therefore the contrast of the screen is very high.

Compared with LED TV vs OLED show superior image, design, and power savings, except for the current OLED TVs are relatively scarce at the same time high prices.

What is LED TV ?

An illustration of color display on LED and OLED screens


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